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Selling your home is an intense process. Ultimately, it means moving which is an immense amount of work in and of itself. The entire event, even if it goes smoothly, from preparing the home to sell to the letting go of personal attachments is sure to bring up emotions of one sort or another. According to the 2010 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, typical sellers had been in their previous home for eight years, up from seven years in the 2009 study, while first-time buyers plan to stay for 10 years and repeat buyers plan to hold their property for 15 years. That is a lot of time to make memories.

Most sellers are well aware of the downturn in the real estate market over the last several years. The market collapse of 2008 coupled with a decrease in the number of qualified buyers has created a sluggish sales arena. Throw in all the short sales and foreclosures, which have contributed to the downward trend of property values, and suddenly, there becomes much more to do in order to sell your home.

Not surprisingly, non-represented seller transactions reached a record low, accounting for only 9% of sales in the 2010, down from 11% in 2009 according to the NAR profile. The share of homes sold without professional representation has been declining since reaching a cyclical peak of 18% in 1997. “In a market as challenging as today, it’s clear most home sellers need professional assistance,” said Paul Bishop, NAR Vice President of Research.

So what is a seller to do? You can start by reading the brochure Selling a Home in Arizona. This document provides an overview of the entire process and gives you a sense of how to get organized. It summarizes everything from the benefits of working with a REALTOR® to the escrow process and home warranties as well as staging your home.

Next, you should interview several REALTORS® and see whose personal style best messes with yours. You’ll also want to review how they market your home and research their experience and read their recommendations. The bottom line is that you are employing someone to act on your behalf to sell your home. You need to feel that you can trust them to watch out for your best interests. Plus, they should have the best skill set to accomplish the job for you.

If you would like a complimentary market analysis of your home (find out what your home is worth) and a synopsis of our marketing strategy, feel free to contact us at no obligation. We realize that you must gather information to make your decision and we feel confident in the services and experience we have to offer you. If you’ve made your decision or have any questions, contact us now!


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